Drunk Driving Accidents

Most drivers do what they can to operate their vehicles responsibly and refrain from causing an accident. And oftentimes when an accident occurs, it is the result of a distraction or minor error, not as a result of intent or maliciousness. The same is not true when a driver gets behind the wheel while intoxicated, however; when a person decides to operate their vehicle while drunk, they are making a conscious choice that endangers their life and the lives of others.

If you have been hit by a drunk driver in north Georgia and suffered injuries as a result, our experienced drunk driving accident lawyers can assist you in recovering compensation for your harm. Do not hesitate to call us if you have been injured.

Drunk Driving Has Criminal and Civil Penalties

When a person causes a drunk driving crash, they will likely face criminal charges for that choice. In addition to criminal charges–which do not offer victims of drunk driving crashes any compensation–civil charges may also be pursued.

Civil charges will not have any criminal penalties, but can help to recover compensation for victims who have suffered major losses as a result of a drunk driver’s actions. To be sure, a civil claim can yield compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation costs, property damage, and even noneconomic losses like pain and suffering.

What You Have to Prove to Recover Compensation after a Drunk Driving Crash 

In order to recover compensation after being hit by a drunk driver, you will need to prove that the driver owed you a duty of care (implied), and that the driver breached this duty of care as a result of operating their vehicle while impaired. You do not need to prove that the driver had a BAC of .08 percent or above; you must only show that the driver was impaired, and therefore was operating their vehicle negligently. You must also prove that this negligence was the direct cause of your accident, and that you suffered damages as a direct result.

How Our Lawyers Can Help

Our metro Atlanta law firm is skilled at helping injury victims, and can assist you in:

  • Gathering evidence against the other driver to prove impairment;
  • Speaking with witnesses, collecting police reports, and hiring accident reconstruction experts;
  • Valuating your damages to determine what your claim is worth;
  • Filing your claim, representing you in dealing with the insurance adjuster, and filing a lawsuit if necessary;
  • Representing you in all negotiations; and
  • Answering any questions you have along the way.

Our team is both experienced and passionate, and before we are lawyers, we are humans with an ability to empathize and sympathize with what you’re going through. We strongly believe that drunk drivers who cause serious harm or death to others need to be held responsible for their egregious actions.

To schedule a free consultation with our law offices to learn more about how to file your claim and recover the compensation to which you are entitled, call DeMedeiros Injury Law today, or send us a message to request an appointment. We are here to serve you.