How Do I Check the Status of a Workers’ Comp Claim?

You suffered an injury at work and filed a workers’ compensation claim in Georgia, but you haven’t found out if your claim has been approved or denied. 

And you’re wondering, “How do I check the status of a workers’ comp claim?” 

A work injury typically results in missing workdays and needing medical care. Missing work means missing out on paychecks, which you need for medical care. 

That’s why you need to know the status of your claim. Not only will this provide much-needed answers about future payments, but it will also give you peace of mind.

Unfortunately, the workers’ comp process in Georgia is complicated and isn’t as cut and dry as you would expect. In addition to filling out difficult paperwork and submitting it by deadlines, you also have to deal with insurance company delays. 

If this sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place.

At DeMedeiros Injury Law, we are very familiar with the frustrations of workers’ compensation, including wondering about the status of a claim. So let us help guide you through this confusing process. 

The Timeline for Workers’ Compensation in Georgia

Workers' Comp Claims

I’d love to be able to tell you how long the workers’ compensation process will take so you aren’t left wondering about the status of a claim.

Unfortunately, there isn’t one straight answer. Every case is different. Some cases can be resolved and settled in a few months, some can take years, and a few never settle. 

What I can tell you is that, on average, a typical workers’ compensation claim can take about six months.

The Workers’ Compensation Process

The workers’ compensation process essentially begins when you report a work injury to your employer.

In the state of Georgia, you have to report this work injury within 30 days of the injury occurring. If you wait more than 30 days, you put your workers’ compensation claim in jeopardy.

However, you have up to a year to file a workers’ compensation claim in the state of Georgia. 

Between reporting an injury and filing a claim, you should seek medical attention and hire an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

Once you have initiated a workers’ compensation claim, the workers’ compensation insurance company will begin investigating the claim.

While investigating the claim, they are checking to see if you were legitimately injured while on the clock and if your injuries match your claim.

Your workers’ compensation claim will either be approved or denied at the end of this investigation. You will receive a written letter or board form telling you if your claim has been denied. 

Watch First Steps to Take in Your Workers’ Comp Case.

Insurance Companies Will Use Delay Tactics

Unfortunately, one of the reasons you are likely wondering about the status of a workers’ comp claim is because the insurance company is dragging its feet.

The insurance company is in the business of making money – not giving money away. So, they will do everything in their power to hold off approving a workers’ compensation claim.

For example, insurance companies delay things by failing to authorize requests (such as pre-authorization for a doctor). 

But, Georgia has a Petition for Medical Treatment (PMT) process. This is a form that an attorney can file for an expedited conference call with a workers’ compensation judge regarding a medical issue.

This pushes the slow-working insurance adjuster to make a decision about medication, physical therapy, surgery, MRI, or anything medical-related.

Most of the time, the insurance adjuster approves the medical-related request because it’s something they should have already done, but they were too lazy or overworked and missed it – and they don’t want to get on the phone with a judge for this type of delay tactic.

This is a clear example of why hiring an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer is critical. They know these types of delay tactics and how to fight against them. 

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How Do I Check the Status of My Workers’ Comp Claim?

If you feel anxious about the status of a workers’ comp claim, there are a few ways to check the status of a workers’ comp claim.

Ideally, you could contact the insurance adjuster. However, if you have an attorney, we advise having your attorney do all the talking with the insurance company. The insurance company isn’t your friend, and they may use whatever you say against you.

Your workers’ compensation attorney, on the other hand, will have much better success getting answers from the insurance company.

You may also reach out to the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation. To contact Case Status/Claims Assistance, call (800) 533-0682. 

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The DeMedeiros Injury Law Difference 

It’s critical to hire not just an attorney for your workers’ compensation case but to hire the RIGHT attorney.

Your attorney should have your back throughout the entire ordeal – that includes fighting to find out the status of a workers’ comp claim. 

At DeMedeiros Injury Law, we make it a point to keep our clients updated through phone calls, emails, letters, and even text messages. We are always available to talk and answer any questions you may have, including the status of a workers’ comp claim.

I know it’s hard to trust a lawyer at his word because some lawyers have made us seem less than trustworthy.

So, don’t just take my word for it. Check out these Google reviews that showcase our willingness to stay in touch with clients regarding the status of a workers’ comp claim and more. 

“When I called DeMedeiros Law Firm I had no idea if I needed an Attorney or not. I was surprised the staff is amazing, they contacted me quickly and answered all my questions and then Rick called me! How many of the TV Attorneys do you get to know, or even talk too?

I chose Rick because he isn’t a stuffed TV suit, he is like me (us) he only speaks “legal” when he has too, otherwise it’s personalized to you and your case. He gets to know you and your family, he guides you through the legal workers comp process knowing you have to pay bills as well as take care of that family.

It turned out I did need an Attorney and Rick was the right person because he speaks up for you, he changed the course of my life. If you have a question about if you need an Attorney, ask this team! They will win your case and throw you the lifeline to get you there.” – Glen Jackson

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DeMedeiros Law firm isvery responsive! They kept us informed the entire way of the whole process. If we ever had questions, they were quick to respond or find the answers we needed. We were blessed to have such a great representative.”
– Loren Kimberly

“Mr. DeMedeiros is a great lawyer, he is very professional and excellent customer service, he was always in front of my case and the response time was very fast.” – Ubaldo Rodriguez

I understand the importance of wanting to know the status of a workers’ comp claim, which is why I make every effort to keep my clients informed and communicate with them often. 

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